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20 Feb

Overcoming Anxiety: Just Take the First Step

Simple tasks can easily intimidate those who struggle with anxiety. A person with anxiety might find it too overwhelming to simply unload the dishwasher, buy groceries, or go to the post office. So how does someone accomplish these things that often seem completely impossible? Overcoming anxiety is not an easy feat, and it does not […]

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06 Feb

What is Anticipatory Anxiety?

Most of us dread going back to work on Mondays after a weekend off, and some of us grow to hate the feelings that accompany returning to school when summer ends. Anticipating events over time can cause us to become increasingly anxious about them. If you have ever experienced those feelings, you might have encountered […]

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23 Jan

What is Social Anxiety?

It isn’t uncommon for someone to feel a bit overwhelmed when they are around a large group of people, but for some, that feeling can be completely paralyzing.

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19 Dec

Dealing With Holiday Anxiety and Depression

The holidays are a time of joy for many, as they are often surrounded by family and friends while celebrating the close of another year. However, a surprising number of us find that the holidays bring us more stress, emptiness, and sadness than joy.

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19 Sep

What is a Comorbid Disorder?

A comorbid disorder is one that occurs at the same time as another disorder, or right after another disorder has occurred. Unfortunately, comorbid disorders tend to make each other worse than they would be if they occurred on their own. Physical ailments can be comorbid, but this blog will focus on comorbid mental illnesses. Mental […]

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18 Jul

Recognizing a Relapse in Schizophrenia

Even with the best medical and mental health care, and the best of intentions and efforts, schizophrenic relapses still happen. Relapses can occur when you least expect them to, even after you have made significant progress in your recovery. It’s important to remember that if you relapse, it isn’t your fault. You live with a […]

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11 Jul

Anxiety and Depression in Young Adults

Most people first experience the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) when they are about 30 years old, but some people begin their struggle with anxiety and depression much earlier than that. Depression and anxiety are more prevalent than ever, and mental health issues run rampant among the younger generations in particular. This is partially […]

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20 Jul

Anxiety in People with Schizophrenia

Studies have shown that patients with schizophrenia often have what is called a comorbid anxiety disorder, or an anxiety disorder that exists simultaneously with their schizophrenia. According to, 30 to 85 percent of individuals with schizophrenia or other related disorders has struggled with anxiety at some point in their lifetimes. Even though they are […]

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