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06 Mar

What is a Thought Disorder?

A thought disorder causes disorganized thinking and can be a symptom of mental disorders, such as schizophrenia. Thought disorders are characterized by symptoms including racing or slow thoughts, which in turn, can cause jumbled, stuttered, or slurred speech. People who have thought disorders might also make random noises, make up words, and speak in indiscernible […]

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07 Nov

Young Children and Mental Disorders: What You Should Know

When we think of people who struggle with mental illness, many of us picture adults. However, a large portion of the population who struggle with mental and behavioral health aren’t even old enough to attend junior high yet. According to studies, approximately one of every seven children in the United States between the ages of […]

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19 Sep

What is a Comorbid Disorder?

A comorbid disorder is one that occurs at the same time as another disorder, or right after another disorder has occurred. Unfortunately, comorbid disorders tend to make each other worse than they would be if they occurred on their own. Physical ailments can be comorbid, but this blog will focus on comorbid mental illnesses. Mental […]

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