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11 Aug

Woman who Destroyed Mask Display says COVID-19 is causing a Mental Health Crisis

Rein Lively shows the toll the pandemic has taken on our national mental health. Learn more about Lively’s mask destruction.

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17 Apr

What is Bipolar Disorder?

Most of us have experienced mood swings at some point or another. They usually come when we are tired, hungry, or hormonal. Bipolar disorder is a mental condition which makes it extremely difficult or even impossible for people to manage the extremes of their emotions.

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19 Sep

What is a Comorbid Disorder?

A comorbid disorder is one that occurs at the same time as another disorder, or right after another disorder has occurred. Unfortunately, comorbid disorders tend to make each other worse than they would be if they occurred on their own. Physical ailments can be comorbid, but this blog will focus on comorbid mental illnesses. Mental […]

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06 Nov

Do I Have Schizophrenia or Something Else?

Just because you exhibit one or two symptoms of schizophrenia does not necessarily mean that you are schizophrenic. Many of the symptoms of schizophrenia overlap with symptoms of other mood disorders and physical ailments, and it’s important that these health problems are differentiated among so that the patient can have the best chance at recovery. […]

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