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15 Jun

Feeling good? Don’t stop taking your Medication

A few years ago, I found myself temporarily without health insurance. I’d been on an anti-depressant for awhile and I felt really good. I was productive and I no longer felt depressed or anxious. So, as my medication ran out, I figured I didn’t need it anymore, and since I didn’t have insurance, it would […]

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01 Jun

A hero’s journey through Mental Wellness

In just about every epic tale that’s ever been written, we get to see the story’s hero go on a journey. Whether it’s a physical journey like in The Lord of the Rings or a coming-of-age series as in the Harry Potter books, the stories that tend to intrigue us most as humans take us […]

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14 May

Does Online Therapy Really Work?

Since 2020, it seems we now do everything online. Even things that were once only done in-person like happy hours and birthday parties have gone virtual. In a lot of ways, it’s a great thing – it makes an event accessible to friends and family members no matter where they live and helps those of […]

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01 May

Psychotic or Psychic: What’s the difference?

If you’ve ever watched a ghost hunting show, you’ve probably seen the moment in nearly every episode when they bring in the psychic or medium. This person then takes a walk around the place that’s being investigated and inevitably begins sensing people who had been there long before. Many of these psychics will say they […]

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16 Apr

What to Do When a Loved one is Committed

A psychiatric involuntary commitment can be a very scary time for the loved ones of the person being committed. Whether you’re the person who made the call to initiate the commitment process or you’re providing support for the person in treatment, it can be hard to know how to feel. When a person who is […]

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01 Apr

Did Hemingway suffer from Psychosis? New Documentary delves into writer’s life and Mental Health

In the new documentary, “Hemingway: A Film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick”, Hemingway’s son Patrick discusses his early struggles with mental illness including a bout of psychosis. Patrick recalled being placed briefly in an institution where he was treated for schizophrenia with electroshock therapy. Though his psychotic episode seems to have been isolated, his […]

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16 Mar

What is Cotard’s Delusion? The Oddest Syndrome You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Imagine yourself as a psychologist. One day, a woman walks into your office and tells you she’s pretty sure she’s actually dead. She tells you her organs don’t exist and that her bones are beginning to decompose. While you can see her before you in the flesh and want to reassure her that she’s as […]

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01 Mar

Introducing our Podcast, “Let’s Talk About Psychosis”

Quiet Minds West Virginia is excited to announce that it will soon be continuing the conversation that started with this blog by venturing into the world of podcasting. Our brand-new podcast, “Let’s Talk About Psychosis” is currently in production and will soon be available to listen to through this website and other outlets. Podcasts hosts […]

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12 Feb

Is your stuff making you feel worse? The Mental Health impact of Clutter

Have you ever walked into a big warehouse store and immediately felt overwhelmed? I sometimes feel frozen in these places. There’s so much to look at. So many colors and details. It’s too much! I forget what I came in to buy and I want to leave as soon as I get what I came […]

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01 Feb

How do Psychiatric Drugs actually Work on the Brain?

Many of us are very grateful for the way our mental health medications help us to feel better. I can tell you from experience that even a mild antidepressant can get you feeling like yourself again when things once seemed hopeless and nothing else is working. But how do these drugs work their magic on […]

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